Create a Resume – What are your Options?

No matter your age, you’re going to have to make a resume to apply for jobs. Creating a resume isn’t the easiest thing to do either; resume writing takes a lot of valuable time and patience to get it right. Writing it yourself is an option, but you should realize that there’s a lot of paid services out there that will either write your resume for you or help you format one. Check out our articles here on the different types of services available, as well as our comprehensive guides on the different types of resumes and how to optimize them. In this article, we will go over all the options you have when attempting to create a resume, their pros and cons, and how you can get the most out of them.

Writing it yourself
Writing your own resume is obviously the best way if you want complete transparency on what the document says. You have full control on what you put on there and only you know all your experience. The only issue here is that learning how to write a resume and perfecting it takes a lot of time and practice. Not only will you take forever to write and perfect the formatting, but it’s recommended that you have your close friends and family read over and suggest edits as well. So, you’re using up both you and your family/friends’ time just to get a resume written. And, believe me, it takes a long time until you’re comfortable with sending your resume in job applications.

A big pro for writing it yourself is that you have total control on not only the content, but the formatting as well. You don’t have to choose from a list of cookie-cutter templates like almost all resume-writing websites have and there’s no limit on what your resume looks like. You can make it as traditional or as modern as you like, depending on the job that you’re applying to, without having to pay over and over for multiple edits as you would on a traditional resume-writing website.

On the other hand, a huge con presents itself when editing for multiple jobs – unless you’re a seasoned graphic designer, creating anything other than the most traditional of resumes requires even more patience and learning than any other option. In some cases, you’ll be applying for multiple jobs, so you’ll have to edit and format your resume multiple times. It’s recommended, but not at all necessary, to have different resumes for every application, but having a good variety of formats and verbiage can help when looking for that dream job. Another issue here is that every time you gain new experience, you should add it to your collection of your resumes. You can imagine that takes a good amount of time, especially if you’re getting internships throughout college or just moving around to get experience in multiple fields.

Overall, I recommend creating your own resume at the start just to understand how resumes work and just to have the skill. It will take a long time and a lot of effort, but you’ll be proud once it gets to the point of legitimacy. Also, it’ll put some perspective on how getting a job works and what the recruiter/HR representative is looking for – thinking from their point of view helps a ton when writing your resume. Constantly ask the question, “Am I the person they are looking for?” If you have any doubt in that question, work your resume to prove to them that you’re a potential asset to the company.

Paying for a Service
Although there a lot of pros to writing your resume yourself, the option of paying for it to be written is quite tempting. It’s no question that writing a resume is a tedious process and the most of us don’t have much time or the motivation for it. That’s why resume-writing services exist - just pay a premium, deliver your information to them, and choose a template. They’ll do all the writing, research, formatting, and editing of your content for you. Let’s dive into some of the benefits and shortcomings of this service.

An enormous pro is clearly the time and effort saved on your behalf. The most effort you put in is either talking to them over the phone or sending them your information about your experience – two things that are super quick compared to the time spent writing your own resume. This also provides a con along with it – you’re not actually writing the content. Someone who you don’t know is taking your information from you and writing it down, changing it to how they think is best. You don’t have full control of what your resume says or how it looks because you’re relying on an expert to do it for you. Although the person writing it is a clear expert, you can never be sure that your resume is going to impress the recruiters or give them specifically what they want.

Another con for the resume-writing services is that they’re quite expensive. Even the most basic of services will cost you over $100, and even for that price, the process isn’t transparent and many people come out unsure if they got a good enough product. Also, most of the resume writers end up not knowing their client – the resume for an intern that’s in college is going to be different than a university professor looking for a research position. The key here would be a connection between the consumer and the provider, but at an affordable price and an option for every party. Creating a resume should be a personal process, and yet the only way to get that is a high price-point and is only available to executives, or those with high levels of experience.

In the Workshop
There’s a solution to this discrepancy. Resumes take way too long to write and every resume-writing service is either not good enough or too expensive to be worth your time or money – until now. Introducing Backlight, a next-generation, affordable resume-writing service that utilizes cutting-edge technology alongside professional copy editors to provide you with the most optimized resume possible. Backlight was founded by a group of undergraduates at Northwestern University, from a mix of backgrounds. Currently, Backlight’s owners, along with running the company and attending school, are working at big tech companies, hedge funds, A-list magazines, and even working on other startups themselves. Backlight and its employees know the struggles of not knowing how to write a resume or not having enough cash or experience to make a resume-writing service worth it. College students and millennials especially are securing less and less jobs not only because they don’t have the experience or the skills to do so, but because they might not be able to express those things to the fullest.

If you’re interested, check out our product and templates here, and if you’re looking for more help toward writing your own resume, check out our blog here. It’s packed to the brim with resume-writing tips and tricks. Give us a chance – together we will change the face of resume-writing altogether.