How To: Customer Service Resume

You're applying for a customer service position, right? Having a solid resume is arguably one of the most important aspects of securing a great customer service position. Let's review some important questions you must answer before beginning. Is it your first time applying for a customer service job? Or do you have loads of experience? Are you a people person? Are you patient? These questions should be answered before you even begin to write your resume. Think about what’s valuable to both you and the recruiter - you’re essentially selling yourself to the company, which is indirectly what customer service departments must accomplish. The ability to build champions in your customers brings in more profit than you realize, so companies are always looking for ways to improve their customers’ experiences and in turn grow their revenue.

Customer service is a skill lost in the rapid growth of the internet - yet many companies are searching for someone who knows how to connect and leave a lasting impression on the customer. A good customer service representative takes into consideration the entire user experience of their product. Also, in order to be an effective representative, experience over time is essential. There is an infinite amount of phone calls, emails, and online messages a customer can send regarding a product, and the ability to adapt to the situation and the knowledge of the right questions to ask can differentiate in if that customer returns to your business. Although it isn’t the sexiest position, customer service representatives are praised for their incredible patience and their ability to handle some of the most outlandish questions. If you’re looking to enter the customer service industry or are between jobs, here are 5 tips on how to write that perfect customer service resume.

Highlight your people skills.
To get that interview, you have to really stand out against the crowd, and the way to do that in a customer service position is to prove your people skills. This goes for all experience and leadership positions - from how you got the position to how you interacted with people in said position. Even if you networked at a conference and received a position through a vigorous recruiting process, that’s definitely worth mentioning. Also, if you’re emailing the recruiter, be sure to include your LinkedIn profile, even if it’s in the footnote of the message. Recruiters WILL look at this - and they can see who’s vouched for you in your “skills” as well as the size and credibility of your network. You may want to consider the specific strategies you used while networking or working as a representative. Knowing the sales funnel and every aspect of what you’re selling is the key to success in this industry, and exemplifying that is your main goal.

Choose your verbs wisely.
Every applicant will have similar experience (if any) and the same old bullet points. When writing your resume, be sure to change your verbs to something that will catch the recruiter’s eye - for example: “Assisted and linked thousands of customers to a respective sales representative,” rather than “Helped customers get the products they needed.” The difference is enormous; recruiters are not only looking for someone who has plenty of experience in their field, but also someone who can articulate and make the most of a fact, which indirectly tells them that you can sell or up-sell their product, even with an upset customer. Customer service is all about the ability to relay information and more importantly connect with people across all mediums.

Apply metrics.
Showing the recruiter how many people you helped, either over time or even per day, can show them that you’re resilient with your practice and have an extreme amount of experience. Customer service is a field that requires a lot of self-reflection and ongoing learning - there’s no way you can predict what a calling customer is going to ask. Having that number shows that you’re dedicated to the field and the specific volume you can handle. Also, if you handled a certain subset or number of products within a company, it’s worth mentioning the specific amount.

Something else to consider is how you interacted with the other departments at companies you've worked for - a good customer service representative knows how to communicate not only with the customer but also with the employees. They are the middleman between the consumer and the provider and are the catalysts that can spark change/improvement within the business.

Display your key accomplishments.
The amount of people you interact with is one thing, but the way you go about doing so is another. If you built a structure in which you interacted and helped customers, it’s worth mentioning that you did so, especially if other employees acquired your techniques. On another note, many big companies use resume-scanning tools to pull out keywords and identify a candidate as better than another, so highlighting where you worked and who you’ve interacted with is a must. Even name-dropping a well-known company or a higher-up can get you through to a real person reading your information.

Be yourself.
Although it’s tough to show who you really are within a professional document, customer service departments are ultimately looking for people to connect with their customers. Show your personality in any way that you can, whether that be in the formatting of your resume, or in the interests section. Obviously you can flaunt your personality in your interview, but getting there takes some effort. Again, it’s important to include your LinkedIn profile in your email footnote because recruiters will be able to see who you are based on the people who support you and write positive reviews about you.

Applying for a customer service job can be a stressful experience because most recruiters are not only going to want a well-written resume, but a strong interview as well. When preparing both you resume and for the interview, it’s essential to think in the mind of the recruiter - how are you going to sell yourself to the employer? Make sure to highlight who you are and how well you can work with people, along with your professional experience interacting with others. Ultimately, customer service representatives are sales people - they respond to the customer’s issue or request with patience and kindness, and then offer assistance toward resolving the issue, either with an exchange or a new product, which opens the lane for up-sale. But, just like anything in life, securing a job requires experience and a certain dedication for success.

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