What to Look for in a Resume Creator

There are hundreds of resume creators out there and choosing one can be quite hard. For a classification of the types of services by price available, check out our article here; Danny fully encapsulates the economic choices of resume-writing services. To even choose, you must realize what you’re first embarking on the search for – your resume. Consider what’s most important to you. Do you struggle with writing the content the most? Or is it the formatting that eludes you? No matter your struggle, there’s probably a service out there that meets your needs. We are going to review a few of them here.

The Plug-and-Chugs
The cheapest and simplest of all resume creators is what I like to call the plug-and-chugs; these services only take your data from a form and throw it into a document. In a way, LinkedIn is a plug-and-chug because you can download your entire profile into a resume-like pdf. Although they have different templates to choose from and the ability to edit how it looks right in the browser, these services don’t edit your content verbally in any way. They just toss your info into a template and you pay for that service. This is perfect for someone that has all the content written, but is struggling with formatting it. First impressions do matter a ton in this industry, especially in high competition jobs because most resumes look the same. Unfortunately, you’re probably not going to find more than one service that’s competitive with these resume creators, so stay tuned for which service that is at the end.

The Editors
In the middle ground in terms of price for resume creators lies the editors. These websites do nothing but look at your content and give you feedback on what should be changed. Prices here vary quite a bit, but they’re more expensive than the plug-and-chugs. These services require that you upload a pdf of your resume, then depending on the price you pay, either a person or a computer looks over your document and gives suggestions for changes in the formatting, verbiage, and priority. Most of these don’t even change any of your content! This type of service is perfect for someone who’s killing the formatting, but struggles with the content itself. I personally recommend checking out our other articles to optimize your content on our blog here. Although the editing takes a while, it’s not too bad if you have the formatting down and you won’t have to pay the premium for the service you don’t necessarily need.

The All-In-Ones
The All-In-One resume creators are the most well-known and in my opinion the most cost-effective solution out there. If you have no idea how to write a resume and you are crunched for time, this is the option for you. Most of these resume creators involve a human who interviews you and/or reads your LinkedIn and completely writes a resume for you. You don’t have to edit the content or format the document at all. There’s only one issue here, and that’s price. These services cost much more than the two previous, but they limit the amount of work you would’ve done greatly. If you search for a cost-effective one, it’s tough to find one that’s under ~$150, but I know of one little secret that’ll do it at a fourth of the price.

The High Rollers
Now if you’re very well-off, you can search for an executive resume creator. Most of these have renowned resume experts that will interview you and sometimes even your peers while researching who you are heavily to get a full understanding of what you do and what it’s like to work with you. These are for professionals that have decades of experience and need a formal document to move jobs. The resume you receive is extremely thorough and it’s obvious that the person is top-notch at their craft, but at the same time, the service is extremely expensive and is only meant to target people high up in big companies.

Now that you know what’s out there for you, consider the situation that you’re currently in. Do you have a lot of experience and no budget? Or are you on a budget without any type of resume? There are levels to the types of services that you can get, and obviously, you want the most bang for your buck, so choose the one that’s the most affordable to you while getting what you need the most.

These services are easy to avoid because of their high price, but the temptation is there. Know that we have a blog chocked full of information on how to write professional documents and that resume templates and articles are widespread on the internet. I realize that writing a resume is not an easy task, especially when you don't like trying to brag about yourself. Stay in there and maybe our option, featured at the end, is perfect for you (I bet it is!!!).

As you can see, there’s a lot of choices out there. Along with Danny’s article about the resume creators based on cost, you should have a solid understanding of what’s out there and if it’s worth it for you to purchase a service like this. Obviously, the only thing stopping you from paying for an awesome resume service is the price. Not everyone has enough cash to shell out on something as accessible as a resume, so we have found a solution to that.

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