Resume Maker

Why use one?

First, let’s outline the current resume makers available to all of you. Throughout this article I won’t name any names so that no one company feels like I’m calling them out, but a little bit of Google searching once you read this article should show you what I’m talking about. Let’s start by discussing the more budget friendly resume makers and resume writing services you find online.

The Cheap or Free Ones

So, a lot of resume and career blogs warn you about using a service that costs $50 or less, and in most cases I’d probably agree. The cheap resume makers out there aren’t actually resume makers at all. All those websites do is take the information you type in and transfer it into one of their cookie cutter templates. Now, if that’s all you asked for, great! If you just want a template and want to come up with all the content you want on your resume by yourself, this is the type of service for you.

But, let’s think about this critically. Chances are, if you’re reading through articles on how to build a resume or why you’d use a resume maker, you’re probably not 100% confident that you can come up with an all-star resume all by yourself. Thus, just having a template isn’t good enough for you. Actually, having a template is probably the first step in a long process before you make your job-ready resume. These services are either free or charge you a pretty low monthly fee. Be careful! Those monthly fees auto-renew themselves every month - these companies are banking on the fact that you’ll pay once and forget about it, so they’ll make free money off you 12 times a year.

These services do nothing at all when it comes to optimizing your resume or actually editing the most important aspect of your resume - the content. They just regurgitate what you put in into one of their templates and you’re done. If you paid for that, you’re honestly not getting a lot for your money.

The Expensive Ones

As you can see, we jumped from something cheap - or even free - to something expensive. There are tons of companies out there that employ hundreds of human resources experts, recruiters, and so on. These people get paired with you one-on-one for resume building and consultation at the higher end of this type of service ($500+) or they deconstruct your resume and alter every little detail over a long, long process on the lower end of these services ($150+).

If you’re an executive or someone who has a ton of valuable work experience (and a ton of disposable income) these services might be for you. The problem is, even the lower end is expensive. And why is that? These companies have to employ a ton of human resources experts, recruiters, resume experts, and all the people necessary to run a company! That drives costs up a lot, even if they outsource (which means a worse result for their customers) and so they have to jack up their prices to cover that cost.

Again, if you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that you don’t need all the individual consulting and you want to get an idea of how to do this on your own, or you simply don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get it done! Before Backlight, there was no high-quality, low-cost middle option - but we’ll get to that later.

So why use one at all?

Well, there are some pretty straightforward reasons to use a resume writing service at all in the first place. First, it’s really tough to know where to start when writing a resume. Writing a resume that looks great, reads well, and has impressive content is no easy task, especially when all you can start with is a blank piece of paper and some ideas.

Second, you might already have a solid-looking resume with good design and formatting, and you want to edit the content and take your resume to the next level to really wow recruiters. This is also a tough task to take on alone, and bringing in the help of resume experts - or artificial intelligence, hint hint - might make it a lot easier to get there.

Third, you could just be lazy or need your resume done in a hurry. These are honestly not bad reasons to use a resume writing service or online resume builder. If you’re in a time crunch or not motivated because you know someone else out there can do a better job than you can, you might want to take a page out of Adam Smith’s "Wealth of Nations" and jump right into specialization - let the resume makers do their jobs, while you focus on what you do well! Sounds harsh, but it’s the way the world can work efficiently.

Now, there are of course a million other reasons why you’d use an online resume maker, but these tend to be the main one’s I’ve seen. But again, what if the options cheap and not so great or expensive and over the top don’t really appeal to you? Well, before this point in time there was no middle ground. But, here at Backlight we want to give you a better product at a lower cost than ever before.

In comes Backlight.

Backlight’s founders recognized the gaping hole in this industry - an affordable middle option that’s a fraction of the price of individual resume consulting but creates as good - or better - resumes! It’s not as simple as throwing what you type into a resume, and it’s way less expensive than competitors who create similar results for one main reason - human capital.

Here at Backlight we don’t have to employ hundreds of HR experts, resume experts, and recruiters. We, on the other hand, have a strong core team of those types of people who can double or triple the output of our competitors because Jasper, our proprietary artificial intelligence, takes care of 95% of the work!

So how does it work? Well, when you submit your resume (or the content you want on your resume) we run it through Jasper, our cutting-edge AI, who edits and optimizes all the content on your resume. Then, our core team members look your resume over, making minor edits in formatting, sentence structure, grammar, and content, before we send it back out to you. It’s honestly that simple and efficient, and more importantly is consistently high-quality.

If any of this sounds like it interests you, check out our main site! We’re planning on launching Jasper in the Summer of 2017, right in time for recruitment in the fall! We promise that we’ll save you a lot of stress, time, and hassle and we’ll build you a resume that will truly illuminate your accomplishments.