What a Student-Run Newspaper Means to Me

College students are always looking for things to do. Whatever and whenever they can, they will build their experience and try to make themselves as available to job recruiters as possible. A great way to constantly get recognized and build a reputable portfolio is to work for a student-run newspaper or magazine. Whether it’s just writing articles, or it’s managing the journalists who do so, it’s a great opportunity to get some professional experience and to have some fun with your peers as well.

The fun thing about journalism is that you get to choose what you want to write about - and that appeals to almost every student who loves something to the point that they won’t shut up about it. Many of the top schools in the country have a popular newspaper: The Daily Northwestern, The Harvard Crimson, The Chronicle (Duke), and countless more. This trend is quite popular among state schools as well, one being The Wake Student Magazine from students at the University of Minnesota.

The weekly magazine started up in 2001 to grow the print media scene on the Twin City campus. It features everything from business to media to music to university news. Like any other magazine, it’s printed in color and distributed around campus and the city, but the only difference is that it’s completely ran by students.

Maybe I won’t be able to show employers my articles or posts, but I’ll definitely be able to talk about them and the experiences I’ve had writing for a school paper in interviews. This opportunity is not just about writing and showing people what you write - it’s a place for professional development, improving people skills, and having fun!