Why would I hire a guy with a PHD?

One might think that education almost always correlates with employment success. The more you are educated, the more qualified you are, and therefore the more likely you are to get the job you want. By that logic, getting a PhD would further your chances of having a successful career. However, it seems that employers are more likely to hire PhD’s in temporary positions than they are in full-time, entry level positions. If someone has a PhD, you can assume that they have spent less time in the work-force than someone who does not have PhD, simply because of the time it takes to get one, which on average is 8.2 years.

One reason why employers might be more likely to hire someone with a PHD temporarily than they are to hire them full-time is because it is harder to assess whether or not they will perform well at a job than say, if that person had been in the workforce during the time they were getting their PHD, because they have less real-world work experience. An employer might interview a candidate with a PhD and conclude that the subject of their degree is relevant to the job, however it may be hard to tell whether or not this person is actually able to apply their knowledge and skills in order to properly execute what is required of the position. Since they may not have real-world business experience, there is no guarantee that they will be able to execute for an extended period of time, or throughout changes in the company or other bumps in the road.

Another reason why employers may not want to hire PhD’s in full-time positions is because
Temporary hiring is when the person works for a certain period of time based on the needs of the employing organization. Someone with a PhD might have the knowledge and expertise to solve a certain problem, but after that initial contribution, may not be an effective or efficient asset to the company (now the other employees have the resources they need).

Some of us think that if we had just a little more education than maybe we could get that killer job. However, I am here to say maybe not. Maybe your slightly less educated self might be better than your more educated self at getting that position. Whaaaaaaaaat? Tis true. Some employers when they see their recruit has a PhD doesn’t want to hire them right away. This phenomenon has been seen and there are many people who still believe to be a bunch of crap because it seems so counter-intuitive. Whether it counters your intuition is not important because it is true. Some people in management offices don’t hire PhD’s for full-time entry-level positions but jump at hiring them for temporary positions. Although nobody can say why this is there are many speculations as to why those in charge of hiring feel this way.

One of these theories is that the man or woman in the hiring position feels threatened by the applicant with a PhD. Imagine it. You’re sitting in your office with the big window that and the fancy REAL GENUINE JACKSON POLLUCK PAINTING (replica) hanging on the wall. Under it is the most expensive Coffee Espresso. On the wall opposite that is a giant mirror that opens to show a closet that contains booze and suits or dresses or both! Who cares? You’re the boss. Next to the mirror hangs your diploma of college that says bachelor of arts in fancy froo froo writing. Suddenly a knock on the door and in comes “The Recruit” it walks up and shakes your hand. Suddenly you are very aware it has a Doctorate. Suddenly your mind is racing maybe your boss sees this guy as smarter than you and throws you to the dogs while instantly promoting this airhead because he has a doctorate.